Augmented Reality: National Geographic Pyramids

AR Team: T. Sheldon, Seyeon Park, Anna Winter. Pyramids AR: An educative AR take on the pyramids of Giza

Unity, Maya, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Audacity, Wise


The Path: gamification of the visa process

The Path; This is the story of the visa process. There are places in the game where you must wait in Covid-19 land until spinning the correct number, find a randomly hidden specific piece of paper in a huge pile in a time constraint challenge, and another game within a game where you must stack at least three visas on top of another to proceed from the land of eternal despair. (Ha!)



Can you make it through a year like no other? Find masks and toilet paper and and stay sane whilst having zoom meetings and homeschooling? Survive the news of murder hornets and new variants, global uprisings and corrupt politics? To win the game you must hold the full four season spread and with one of each survivor cards. This high risk, fast paced game is sure to bring a bit of levity to the intense real life experience of surviving 2020. 

SURVIVE game -01 copy.png
Survive Game & Rulebook-01.png